I’m a San Francisco-based designer focusing on mobile and online experiences. In my work, I lead multi-disciplinary teams of visual designers, content strategists, and usability engineers through the process of research, design, delivery, development, and testing of detailed UX designs and documentation. I also routinely create high-fidelity interactive prototypes to better communicate design solutions to stakeholders and technology partners, or for usability testing.

Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated by design, from the console of the Magnavox Odyssey my parents brought home to the automobiles I got to see in my dad’s business to the music instruments I would go on to study. I love good design and have always been aware when designs succeed or fail. Whether it’s a phone interface or a coffee grinder, the design is so important.

Outside of work I enjoy working on my house, photography, playing music, cycling, cooking, gardening, camping, architecture, reading and cinema. I also spent many years living abroad in Spain, Chile, France and Korea, and still have an avid interest in these cultures.